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May sitting peacefully in a mountain lake setting

Our Vision:
To create an economical and sustainable environment where industry thrives whilst actively protecting our planet

The Power of People


"Together we are deploying effective waste management systems and practices to help protect our environment and your success"

Together We Can


"We all have to remember that earth is something that we all have in common"

Changing The World


"It is those that think they are crazy enough to change the world that actually do change the world.  Never give up trying to make a difference" 

What we can do for you!

Chemastic Ltd are based in the North of England and provide services across England, Wales and Scotland. We work in numerous sectors, including:

  • Farming and agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Chemicals

  • Amenities

  • Sports and leisure facilities

  • Education

  • Office-based businesses

Chemastic staff have many years’ experience in the agricultural sector, in particular working with waste material for disposal. We run a team of dedicated staff who coordinate the collection of chemical waste from a wide range of clients across England, Wales and Scotland.  Above all, our customer service is given priority, and we are highly focused on the provision of an exceptional customer experience.

From our head office in the North of England, Chemastic is well placed to cover from the North of Scotland to the English south coast and Wales.

We are fully licensed for the collection and removal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

Many organisations do not realise that some of the products and materials held on their sites fall under COSHH regulations and that they require disposal by authorised contractors.

Failure to do so can result in large fines – and the materials will still need to be disposed of. Even storing chemicals for longer than their shelf life can lead to prosecution.

Farm Plastics

In the climate of environmental awareness, it has never been more important to be seen to deal with your farm plastic and other waste responsibly, especially if you are involved in Red Tractor or farm assurance schemes.

Hay bales wrapped in plastic

Chemical Waste Removal

Have you checked your chemical store recently?

Do you need to dispose of unwanted or out of date herbicides or pesticides?

Chemicals being loaded into van

Waste Packs

Our Annual Waste Pack contracts give organisations the opportunity to legally dispose of their plastic waste in a sustainable manner.

Amnesties for Water Companies

Amnesties are designed to help water companies and other organisations encourage farmers and other businesses to dispose of their pesticides, herbicides and other hazardous waste in a sustainable manner.

Together we are deploying effective waste management systems and practices to help protect our environment.

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